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Do Your Parents Need More Home Care in the Summer Months?

Home Care in Broomfield CO

home care in broomfield coOne of the most convenient and comforting elements of home care is that you are able to customize the schedule and the level of care to exactly meet the needs of your elderly loved ones, whether they means they need a few hours of assistance and transportation each week or someone to be in the home with them 24 hours a day. Even if your parents only need a few hours of care, you also have the option of increasing the amount of care when new needs arise, such as if you are going to be away and not able to offer the care you usually do, or if your parents become ill or otherwise in need of more assistance.

For many seniors, their level of need for care and assistance changes depending on the season. The summer in particular is a time of year that often sees an increase in the amount of care and assistance required by senior adults. As the weather gets hotter and the summer months stretch ahead of you, it is important to consider whether your parents are getting the amount of care that they need or if increasing the amount of time they have an in home health care services provider in the home with them would be beneficial to their health, wellbeing, and quality of life during this season.

Keep the following things in mind when determining if you should increase the amount of care for the summer:

• Vacation. Are you going on a summer vacation this year? If yours is like many families, the summer is the time of year when you plan trips so you can spend some quality time having fun and relaxing with your partner and children. If you are not planning on bringing your elderly parents along with you, however, you must make plans to ensure they get care they need while you are gone. Make sure you get in touch with the elder care agency a few weeks before the trip if possible so that you are sure to get the care plans in place before you leave

• Heat. Senior adults are particularly susceptible to the effects of heat and humidity, and because they tend to experience fewer thirst sensations than younger adults they often do not get the hydration they need to stay cool and healthy during the summer. Having extra care and assistance during the summer can ensure your parents stay cool and get proper hydration throughout the season. The care provider can keep them dressed properly, offer drinks regularly, and bring them to cooler locations if necessary

• Mental stimulation and companionship. Even if you are not planning on going on vacation this year, the fact that your children will be out of school likely means you will not be able to spend as much time with your elderly loved ones. Ensure they still get all of the mental stimulation and valuable companionship they need by increasing the time their care provider is in the home with them. This provider can plan activities, go on outings, and keep your parents emotionally and mentally healthy.

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about hiring an in home health care services provider to help you keep your parents happy, healthy, and safe throughout the summer months.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Broomfield, CO, please call and speak to the caring staff at Allay Home Care.  Call today at (720) 724-9440.

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