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Effective Care for Seniors Begins by Accepting Your Limitations

effective care for seniors begins by accepting your limitationsIn order to provide effective care for elderly individuals, it’s important to understand your own personal limitations.

What are your personal limitations?

You may seem like you have a lot of time on your hands, especially if you don’t have a full-time job, your children are grown and away from the house, etc., but when you begin supporting an elderly individual, whether it’s your aging mother or other loved one, you will likely begin to push up against your own limits.

When people exceed their limits, they begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even anxious about various things. For example, a family caregiver who is supporting an aging parent may begin to feel overwhelmed with the number of errands he or she has to run throughout the day. She might have to pick up a prescription medication, drive to appointments, help clean the house, and prepare meals.  In addition, she has to take care of herself and her own home.

The minute people begin to feel stress and anxiety as a result of caregiving, they have reached, or exceeded, their limitations. When that happens, the quality of care can begin to decline significantly.  This doesn’t mean they no longer care what happens to the elderly individual in their life; it means despite their best intentions, they simply may not be in the best position to offer the right level of support and assistance.

What to do when you exceed your personal limitations?

There are several things people can do, but the best thing is to sit down and talk to them about professional home services. Senior home services can come in a wide range of types, but the most common is relying on a home care aide. This is an individual who will come to the home and assist with various household tasks and personal care.  This can include bathing, toileting, getting dressed, and even preparing meals. Some caregivers can also offer transportation services, companionship, and more.

When family members reach their limit with regard to care for the senior in their life, they should discuss professional home services as openly and honestly as possible.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in the South Denver Area, please call and speak to the caring staff at Talem Home Care. Call today at (720) 664-8711.

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